Jade Regent

The City of Kalsgard

The group set off quickly once they knew that by opening the Warding Box they had become targets. Rowan’s communion with the kami of the Ametatsu Seal gave them a lead in the northern city of Kalsgard, a family sword by the name of Suishen that had been sold sixty years ago. After restocking the caravan in Riddleport they made their way up the Varisian coast.

It was while camped off the road one night that the caravan was attacked by a mob of goblins, one of whom seemed to have a strange focus on their halfling alchemist. By the end of the fight the goblins had been driven off and Garub’s cover remained intact for the most part. However not everyone was completely satisfied by his explanations.

The caravan made camp in the Bone Quarter of the massive trade city and the adventurers went into the main city with two goals in mind. One, to find the sword Suishen and learn what it could teach them about the history of the Ametatsu family. And two, to find a guide who could lead them across the Crown of the World, the frozen tundra that stood in their way if they were to follow the legends back to their source in the far off kingdom of Minkai. Exploring the city they quickly encountered an unexpected familiar face. Kotoro, the enigmatic ninja who had fought with them in the swamps of Brinestump, had apparently been in Kalsgard for the past month and half waging a personal war with the mysterious Frozen Shadow criminal organization. With his help, they found that the sword had been stolen from its purchaser, probably by local sword for hire Asfig Longthews, the same man whose seal was on the arm rings of the marauders who had attacked them on the road. Fynn Snaevald, owner of Suishen, made them a deal. Find the man who took his property and killed his men and they could have the sword. Further research revealed that Longthews owned a small farm property just a little ways out of the city. All was not easy with the adventurers, though, as more and more evidence pointed to the conclusion that they were being hunted by the Frozen Shadow, and the Shadow’s agents were drawing nearer…

A raid on Longthews’ farm, which ended in the group burning it to the ground, led them on a hunt through the city. Fighting off assassins on a flaming funeral ship, confronting a massive earth elemental at the foot of Shelyn’s shrine, and finally a midnight break in of the Rimerunner’s Guild headquarters all led the group to one final destination. Paperwork taken from the Guildhall safe indicated that the Rimerunners themselves were far from the legitimate trade guild they appeared to be, instead being a front for the nefarious Frozen Shadow criminal organization that had been haunting their every move through the city. Only one thing remained to find both the lost sword and their abducted potential guide: to take the fight to the Frozen Shadow.



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