Larken Root

Larken is of average height - 3’6” tall, and sturdily built. He has dark curling hair and frank hazel eyes.


Heroes often come from humble beginnings, and such is the case with Larken Root. The slave quarters of House Helderthane were not the most auspicious place for a birth. Entirely underground, it was dark and close – the shafts that ventilated it brought little in the way of air, but transmitted to the roar and clash of the armories above. Larken was born to one of the kitchen slaves, a taciturn Halfling woman whose duties in the great house left her with no energy for raising a child. Larken learned early to fend for himself.

He was hardly isolated, though. The sheer number of Halfling slaves in House Heldarthane meant that there were always children, and they took care of one another. Larken became especially close with Eireen, a girl a few years younger than he, and often found himself acting as her protector. Her death propelled Larken toward his destiny.

When Eireen died at the hands of one of the young lords, Larken was blinded by fury. He attacked the lord, delivering several sound bites to the leg. Although the lord’s initial instinct had been to have the Halfling boy tortured to death, his brother convinced him to sell Larken to the owner of a Halfling pit – fighting ring.

His life would have been over in short order – despite his pugnacity, the boy was only 13 and untrained. On the night of his debut he held his own for a time, before being disarmed. While it is usual procedure for the vanquished to experience a bloody death, his fate was circumvented by an audience member’s offer to buy him. The man had been touched by the boy’s courage and certain of his potential.

His new owner was a Cavalier named Leo Rograven, in the employ of a lord in Absalom. It was years after their return to his home that Larken discovered that he had been free since leaving Cheliax. At that point, nothing could make him leave his master. Leo had trained him as a squire, and treated him as a companion. By the time Larken had realized he was no longer a slave, the bonds of respect and love were stronger than any manacles. The two were inseparable as Leo pursued his career as a soldier and a spy throughout the nearby countries.

Leo disappeared one day – left without a word or message, and Larken was distraught. For months he searched, scouring the countryside on his dog Leonard. He found little – a few cryptic clues that caused more confusion than not. Eventually, upon the indication of one bit of information, he ended up in Sandpoint. He found work as a caravan guard and has used his excursions to look for his former mentor.

Larken Root

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